About D.Beu

About the Artist

Danielle Beu is a visionary artist whose creative expression reflects upon the nature of introspection. While transcending worlds of illusion to portray a broader view of awareness, Danielle brings together images of the mystical, miraculous and surrealistic to intertwine with the natural. Working in a variety of mixed mediums (such as watercolors, acrylics, and charcoals, as well as her favorite, Crayola Crayons) Danielle has cultivated a variety of whimsical works which reveal her appreciation for the creative processes of all dreaming creatures, in this world and beyond.

“Through the work of my hands, I hope to show more than we can see with just our eyes” ~Danielle Beu

Danielle is also an accomplished singer/songwriter and performer with several Disney films & television soundtracks to her credit. As the youngest member of the international, multi-platinum selling, pop trio, the “Beu Sisters”, she is the recent recipient of the “Artists in Music: Best Pop Artists of 2013″ Award.

She is currently creating and illustrating her first series of children’s books.


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